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The consumer journey mainly commences at the research stage where each and everyone is trying to see what good will come out of either buying a product or service. As a result, most of spend a lot of time either perusing the covers of the consumer report magazine just in case we can see our favorite brands talked about.

In the digital age, the need for this research hasn’t stopped one bit. Instead, rather than wait for the consumer report to inform us about goods and services, e-commerce stores have devised ways to check services as well as products sold on their platforms. Many of them have customer reviews as part of their mettle enabling buyers to peruse through experiences written or rated by other buyers.

Essay writing companies however fail to share information about their writers with their customers leading to a few undesirable outcomes with regards to their user base- mainly composed of students. It has become extremely important for them to ensure that their buyers are informed before spending.

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Student consumers

When students buy essays online, what they are doing is putting their grade, respect and authenticity in the hands of another person- the professional custom essay writer. Depending on who that is, the fortunes can tilt both ways, students can either find great success and satisfaction with their choices, or regret buying papers./ it is up to them to tilt fortunes in their favor by researching various services in a thorough manner before buying from them.

Why antoinehunter.com

In order to help students become better essay shoppers, we launched antoinehunter.com to showcase reviews about customer experience on various essay writing companies. we do this; one because paper writing companies don’t post their writer reviews for their buyers, and secondly, we can look at each essay writing company independently to help students make the right hiring decision.

How this website works

Firstly, we have consistently found consumers/students willing to share their experiences working with different essay writing companies. They share this feedback in the form of a comment and rating which we use to rank some of the best service providers out there. In addition, we also ask our own people to investigate each essay writing company students regularly use and write about on this website.

The double reviews we end up with help our users discover good essay writing companies they can rely on for their essay writing needs.